Kihada Fisheries Co., Ltd. is an organization engaged in multiple segments of the seafood trade as well as the pelagic and near-shore fisheries sector. Being direct buyers, importers, exporters, distributors, and traders of high seas and near-shore seafood products gives Kihada Fisheries Co., Ltd. a strategic position in the world wide seafood economy. This same position is also a distinct enhancement to our work in the fishery development arena. Our years of experience in fisheries and quality control provide a unique platform for clients to take advantage of our services to improve their QC programs, to rebuild failing fishing operations, and provide assessments for fishery industry investments. Active involvement in the seafood trade and fishery development enables Kihada Fisheries Co., Ltd. to capitalize on the experience and knowledge held between these two divisions, further strengthening the effectiveness and the overall competitiveness of our respective organization in either side of the industry.